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Air to Air Heat Pumps Hereford, Worcester and Gloucester

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A quick dip, holidays and ice creams are just not enough to combat the dreaded heat of summer. That is exactly why air conditioning was invented. But now they make them reversible so you can be warm when it’s cold outside!

Of all the available air conditioning systems, the reversible heat pump is the one that will ensure you don’t sweat and allow you to simply enjoy the summer.

You will never be too hot or too cold again with just one heating/cooling system.

Not many people know about heat pumps, but they are used in Spain and in other cooler countries because they are so effective. The basic principle is totally counterintuitive: cooling your home by transporting heat..

Heat pumps are eco-friendly, since they consume very little and use heat as a source of energy. How is this possible? Thanks to the second law of thermodynamics.

Uh? The one that says: “heat spontaneously flows from a hot object to a cold one and not the other way around, until the temperatures of the two objects are the same”. Or what’s the same in layman’s terms: heat is contagious .

400% energy efficiency

The heat pump system absorbs heat from a location and transports it to another, as hydraulic pumps do with water. In fact, that is where the name of this type of air conditioning system comes from: from pumps that take water from wells, taking it from a lower level to a higher level.

The difference is that now we are talking about transporting thermal heat instead of water. Taking heat from one point to another and, therefore, cooling your room. The result of this process is truly spectacular: 400% efficiency. In other words: for every electrical kW consumed, up to 4kkW of cold can be generated.

And all of this has a very practical bonus: you can reverse the system, changing it from an air conditioning system to a heating system . All with the same appliance.

“For every kW of electricity you are billed for, the pump will provide you with 4 kW of cold.”

That is how a reversible heat pump works – either taking heat out of your home or bringing heat into your room.

The aim of a heat pump air conditioning system is to collect heat from within your home and expel it outside or remove the cold from your room by bringing heat in.

It uses a closed circuit via which a refrigerant fluid circulates and these are the 5 steps of a cycle that is repeated continuously while it is switched on:

  1. The system collets air from inside your home and this passes through an evaporator and around the refrigerant deposit, which absorbs the heat from the air and then it evaporates.
  2. The air is expelled outside, but what entered as hot air now returns as cold air.
  3. The compressor devours the refrigerant in its gaseous state and increases both the pressure and the temperature.
  4. The condenser expels the collected heat outside. The refrigerant condenses again and it is converted back to a liquid again.
  5. The valve expands the refrigerant, which partially evaporates. Then we return to step 1.


Force the heat out of your home this summer with a heat pump.

Staying cool this summer will cost you next to nothing: less than 1 euro per day . That is the cost of RSSAC’s Comprehensive Solution offering an air conditioning system with a reversible heat pump. Popping down to your local for a refreshing drink is more expensive.

The Comprehensive Solution includes:

  • Professional installation.
  • Technical assistance with coverage 365 days a year.
  • Up to 5-year all-inclusive guarantee, with travel time + labour + parts.
  • If you sign up before the end of the year, you will benefit from a 12% discount on your electricity bill for a whole year.

Cool down with a heat pump

“For less than £1 per day you can keep you house cool all summer.”


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A quick dip, holidays and ice creams are just not enough to combat the dreaded heat of…

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