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Are Air To Air Heat Pumps Still A Good Idea?

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Everybody is talking about the rising cost of heating their homes with the cost of fuel prices escalating.
For comfort and convenience Air to Air Heat Pumps still make sense!
Air-to-air heat pumps transfer heat from the outside air to air inside your home, increasing the temperature of the air in each room. This warm air enters your home through a series of fan coil units, or ‘blowers’. Air-to-air heat pumps are sometimes referred to as air conditioning.
While many people think of air conditioning as a way of cooling buildings, it can also be used for heating.
An air-to-air heat pump does not heat water delivered to the taps, so you will need to consider an alternative way of heating water for showering and bathing. Is an air-to-air heat pump right for me?
Advantages of an Air to Air Heat Pump
Air to air heat pumps are universal in terms of providing heating during the cold season and air cooling during the hot days of the summer. Low installation costs.
There is no need to drill boreholes or use expensive equipment in order to install an air to air heat pump. These pumps possess a significant heat transfer capacity. There is no need to install complex heat distribution systems, like radiators or underfloor heating.
The ease of use is ensured by autonomous climate control thermostats, that automatically monitor the pump’s functioning parameters.
Air to air heat pumps are highly efficient, with their seasonal efficiency rating (SCOP) reaching 3.0-4.0, meaning that for every 1 kW of electricity 3 to 4 kW of heat is generated.
The pump’s background noise is insignificant and thus does not represent an annoyance factor for people who will find themselves in the same room with the pump’s indoor unit.
Air to air heat pumps has no impact on the room’s indoor climate. Heating your property by means of an air source heat pump is environmentally friendly.
The heat pump does not release any harmful gases or components into the atmosphere. Any air source heat pump is great for retrofits.
Elsewhere in Europe air-to-air systems are more common, partly because they can be used for cooling as well as heating, which is especially useful in warmer climates.
Obviously the cost of producing heat in the home is higher, the colder it is outside, so please call us to discuss your interest any any concerns,
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Everybody is talking about the rising cost of heating their homes with the cost of…

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Everybody is talking about the rising cost of heating their homes with the cost of…

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